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09 September 2019

Interview with Eric Verkaik of Liftinstituut

Place: Amsterdam.
Time: First hour of the morning.
Weather: Mainly sunny.

- What is your name? What is your current position?

- My name is Eric Verkaik. My position is Product Specialist Certification for Liftinstituut B.V.

- How long have you been working in the elevator sector?

- I started in 1997 for Liftinstituut as an elevator inspector.

-  What has been your tour?

- I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I was first a mechanical engineer for years, outside the elevator industry. Then at Liftinstituut first inspections of existing elevators and later also checks of modified and new elevators. Because of my education I first started checking calculations of elevators and now for about 10 years Product Specialist Certification.

- What is your assessment of the technological evolution of the elevator sector in recent years?

- The elevators are becoming increasingly complex and therefore more interesting. PESS in particular is becoming increasingly important, so that is an interesting new development. The only disadvantage is that the elevator installations are becoming increasingly difficult to assess.

- What do you value most in an elevator from your point of view?

-It is always good to know that passengers, who know nothing about elevators, can use them very safely, and that you have a small share in it.

- More and more elevators with reduced pit and / or reduced flight according to EN81.21 are installed and maintained, how do you see from the security point of view the solutions that currently exist in the market?

- The safest solution is of course to always have free space. But nowadays there are reliable systems on the market that still provide free space when entering the elevator pit or car roof.

- Have you encountered situations where the size of the products have been critical? Reduced pits, reduced escapes, narrow pits ...?

- Not the dimensions but the complexity. It is important that the alternative free space must be easy to realize. The more complex the actions become, the sooner people will look for alternatives and even bridge safety contacts in order to work faster.

- From your perspective, what do you think will be the technological trend of the lifting / construction sector in the next ten years?

- Many more PESS solutions and also elevators without suspension ropes.

- If you had money to invest in the sector, in the development of what type of product / business would you invest?

- I think a laboratory can be interesting where different elevator products can be tested and which is very flexible in technical solutions..

Thank you very much Eric.

See you in the pit!!



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